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YPWA Member Spotlight September 2022

WELCOME BACK FRIENDS! I hope you've all enjoyed your summer. Hopefully you caught a game at Polar Park, grabbed dinner on the roof at The Mercantile, and enjoyed some good eats during Worcester Restaurant Week.

I'm so excited to kick off first member spotlight of the 22-23 season! Every month YPWA chooses one of our members to feature. Our group is made of incredible women and WE WANNA SHOW YOU OFF!

Without further ado, let's meet Katie Oliver, our featured member in September!

Occupation: Event Services Manager at Boston Red Sox

How long have you been a YPWA member? This will be my second year.

Do you have career goals you'd like to share? My longtime career goal was to be exactly where I am right now, oddly enough. So I’ve recently set a new one, it’s one that I’ve had since college but now have the time and experience to really work towards it and do it right. I am studying to earn my CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) designation. Hoping to get it all done next year!

Hometown: The one and only Worcester, MA!

When did you move to the Worcester area? I was born and raised in Worcester, but left for 9 years in 2012. I went to college in Rhode Island and lived in Orlando, FL for a while before moving back in March of 2021. I’m currently living in Somerville due to my new job but am staying as rooted in the Woo as I possibly can.

What other groups/activities in the area are you involved in, if any: None other, but I’m always looking for fun groups and outings so let me know what’s out there!

Favorite place to grab food in Worcester: Bocado is my all-time favorite restaurant, but I am also known to frequently pick up a Blue Jeans Pizza when the cravings hit.

Favorite shopping spot in Worcester: Worcester Public Market for sure, it encompasses everything and you get to shop local.

A fun fact about yourself: I used to work at Walt Disney World! I love reminiscing about those days so feel free to ask me about it sometime.

Thank you for sharing, Katie! If you see Katie at our next event, make sure you ask her about Disney (I know I'm going to)! If you aren't a member yet, join us today and get access to the monthly events we've got going on.

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