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YPWA Member Spotlight March 2023

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

It's Women's History Month, and while this is a dedicated month to history we hope you all take a moment to acknowledge where we've been, where we are going, and how each of us shape our future. And obviously support the heck out of each other.

I (Gillian, Membership Director) am loving sharing all our wonderful member histories this season, thank you all for continuing to share your stories, whether in-person or on the blog.

We (and many other women focused organizations) preach empowered women empower women. Check out how our member Jaz Levario is bringing that empowerment, one shoot at a time!

Member Details

Name: Jaz Levario

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Dallas, TX

When did you move to the Worcester area: 2022

A fun fact about yourself: I served 11 years active duty in the Air Force and am currently at 19 years total and am in the Reserves now.

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate: Halloween

Local Recommendations/ Hot Takes

Favorite soup shop: I love Shabu! The hot pots are amazing!!

Favorite place for a night out in the Worcester area: I have a few but top 2 I would say Free Play on a Friday when they have a live band is a great deal. It’s $10 to get in and you get a live band & free video games. If not there then Cafe Neo for Karaoke, come sing with me.

Entrepreneurs & friends wanted!

Number of seasons with YPWA: First year

What inspired you to join YPWA this season? As an entrepreneur and an adult it is really hard to meet friends and I thought this would be a great way to meet like-minded women.

Going beyond the camera, but keeping the coffee and crystals close

Occupation: Boudoir Photographer

Do you have goals you'd like to share? I would love to open/expand into a holistic healing retreat. Boudoir can be very healing and therapeutic but I think coupled with Buti Yoga, Reiki, ecstatic dance, crystal healing, meditation it can go so much further.

What are three items that are always at your workspace? Crystals, Camera & Coffee

What gets you in the zone when you are starting work? Music! I have a kick ass empowering boudoir playlist.

You are reason!

What are the most common misconception about boudoir photography you’d like to clarify? You need a partner to give them to. I often get told or see on my posts "I would love to do this but I don't have someone to give them to. "GIRL! Do it for you! YOU are the reason to do the session. YOU are reason enough." We forget that so often as women, we cater to other people in all aspects of our life and we forget about self care and self love. Do the session so that you can feel beautiful, empowered, and strong and if you feel like sharing your images with someONE special or with the whole damn world then do that. They are your photos and the experience that is yours too. Take it with you because I promise it lasts forever.

What’s been one of your favorite subjects/shoots? I feel like it's the after-effect honestly. So I had a client that shared that she had been in a toxic relationship and was trying to lose weight her ex called her all these horrible names that really affected her self-esteem and she just wanted to feel different. I shared my previous experience with a similar jerk. We laughed and cried a bit, laughed some more, and went through poses. I shared with her the images as I was going through the shoot and could see and feel her energy shift as I encouraged her and reminded her how beautiful she was. We stayed in touch after her session and she told me she applied and got her dream job that she was too afraid to apply for because she didn't have the confidence to go for but felt different after the session. I'm so insanely proud of her! When I say it's so much more than pretty photos I really mean it.

What’s your dream photoshoot scenario? I would love to do a destination boudoir session. Anyone want to go to Bali?

Thank you Jaz for sharing, I know I'll be saving that playlist for the next time I'm going out. If you finished reading this and was like, "I need a session, pronto", she is open for booking on her website. You can also give her a follow on Facebook or Instagram (the viewfinder add on is such a cute idea).

As we move towards the end of our 22-23 season it's a great time to check your membership status. Our website makes it very easy to monitor, check out the process here. Don't have the time? No worries, all membership plans will receive an automated email three days before it expires so you can easily renew for our 12th season!

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