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YPWA Member Spotlight January 2024

January brings with it the energy of fresh starts and incredible possibilities. The YPWA is incredibly grateful for our members and we love to spotlight what they are up to so that you can get to know each other and learn more about events, programs and businesses in our local community.

This month, we are introducing you to Sloane Perron, who is Manager of Marketing Communications for Anna Maria College and a freelance editor and journalist. Read on to get to know Sloane personally, as well as what inspires her professionally.

Member Details

Name: Sloane M. Perron

Number of seasons with YPWA: I am happy to say that I have been with YPWA for two seasons!

What brings you back to YPWA this season (returning members)? 

I was welcomed with open arms when I became a new member. The events are

engaging and purposeful, but what brought me back was the people. Everyone I have

met through YPWA has been genuine and supportive. I have learned from new mentors,

met amazing professionals from my area, and developed incredible friendships thanks to the YPWA!

Local Recommendations/ Hot Takes

Favorite spot to treat yo self:

My grandparents grew up in Worcester, so the city is painted with memorable places for me. However, nothing will ever replace spending afternoons with my grandpa getting hotdogs and root beer at George’s Coney Island and driving up to Bancroft Tower to eat them. A tradition we still hold!

Favorite place to wind down and relax: The Worcester Art Museum is one of my

favorite places to go, especially when I need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have been to the museum far too many times to count but I love walking around quietly taking in the artwork. Plus, there are always new exhibits and events that keep the museum interesting for me even after all these years! 

Best Season to be in Worcester: Summer is my favorite season in Worcester. There is

something magical about watching the sunset light up the cityscape. Summertime is

also when all of the fun cultural festivals and outdoor community concerts take place in the city.

Tell Us About What You Do & Why You Do It

Occupation: Manager of Marketing Communications for Anna Maria College/Freelance Editor and Journalist

What do you enjoy most about your current role? Being Manager of Marketing

Communications at Anna Maria College is a full circle experience for me since I am an

Anna Maria College alumna myself! I enjoy using my passion for communications to

help a school that means so much to me, but my favorite part of my job is writing student

profiles and hearing about all our students’ amazing accomplishments!

What inspires you when creating new projects? Whether I am creating

communication strategies at Anna Maria College or freelance writing, I am always

inspired by the stories of others. For me, putting myself in others’ shoes and

understanding my audiences are key to my creative writing process and content


What’s your favorite tip that makes work life easier for you? I would be lost without

an organized calendar! My apps and old school planner help me balance my college

work with my freelance projects and networking events.

What sparked your interest in reporting and journalism? I can’t remember a time

when I wasn’t interested in stories: family stories, travel tales, pretty much anything I

could read or listen to. As I grew older, I realized that journalism gave me the ability to

help others through writing and that was such a wonderful power to have. There are so

many incredible stories in the world, and I have always been interested in sharing the

stories that deserve the spotlight, but often don’t get the attention. I am very proud of the

people and businesses I have written about in Worcester.

What types of writing are you most well-known for to date? I am lucky to be a “jack

of all trades” when it comes to writing because of the wide variety of opportunities I have

been given. However, I am best known for my writing in the healthcare, banking,

manufacturing, and higher education fields.

What is your north start in your career? What is your “dream” job, if you had your

choice? My dream job would be to be a war reporter or crime reporter. In the darkest of

situations, sometimes as a fast-paced society, we often forget the victims of violence or

feel helpless to do anything. When I earned my journalism graduate degree at the

University of Limerick in Ireland, I graduated with the intention to be on the ground to tell

the stories of people unable to speak for themselves.

You can learn more about Sloane and read some of her writing on her website:

Thank you so much, Sloane! We've got several more spots for the 23-24 season. If you'd like to nominate yourself or a friend, you can do so here. We thank all our outstanding members that have shared their experiences, tips, and love of the Worcester area with us this season!

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