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YPWA Member Spotlight December 2022

It's our last spotlight of 2022! This month, we are featuring Crystal Nephew, CEO of Tropical Bath & Body. We've loved having Crystal as an event staple this fall (she's attended all 7 events) as she brings such joy and passion to whatever space she's in.

Member Details

Name: Crystal Nephew

Hometown: Kingston Jamaica

When did you move to the Worcester area: I've lived in Worcester for 6 years.

What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate: Christmas of course, family, food, the joy of the whole season and the beautiful lights.

Local Recommendations/Hot Takes

Favorite spot to bring your family in the city: Green Hill Park for picnics, pictures, and a nice walk with the family.

Best season to be in Worcester: I'd say summer, when it's warm and toasty and you get to explore all of Worcester with all its people out and about.

YPWA Experience

Favorite YPWA event you’ve attended: So far it's the Improve Your Work/Life Balance AND Your Green Thumb at T.A.J Tropicals & Trinkets event.

What inspired you to join YPWA this season (new members)? I became aware of YPWA through my mentor and friend Giselle Rivera-Flores posted about it. And I was like wow I want to be a part of women doing amazing things.

CEO of soap science

Occupation(s): CEO and founder of Tropical Bath Body, a Surgical Technologist, and most importantly a mom.

What do you enjoy most about your current role? Creating. When my creative juices flow and I go to my happy place (aka my workshop),my creativity and my love for science becomes inseparable and it just pours out and I'm in my own world doing what I do best, creating.

What’s a challenging part of your job? The most challenging part is its a one woman show, I play multiple roles at once, the boss, the creator, photographer, marketer, you name it. I do however get help from my sister when necessary.

What are three items that are always at your workspace? Camera, book & pencil (because I draw everything I want to make), and a container filled with utensils (stick mixer, spatulas, paintbrushes).

Small sudsy business

How did making soap for your family transform into Tropical Bath Body? The first soap I made was for my girls and sister, especially my youngest who had a case of really bad eczema. I came across a video on YouTube and I got hooked. I researched for 6 months before I actually made my very 1st loaf of soap. But when I made that first loaf I just couldn't stop thinking about making more and thoughts of what other skin care products i could formulate and make just took over my mind. My 1st sale was actually a wholesale order of 40 soaps to a farm in Kentucky that saw my post on Instagram. Then Tropical Bath Body was born and two and a half years later still going, growing, and improving.

Did you use any local resources that have helped you grow your business? In the very 1st year no, didn't really know what I was doing except make skin care products. Then I was introduced to Eforall through a friend of mine and applied. When I started and all the things I learnt and people I met was just amazing. My eyes were definitely opened up to the business world while doing Eforall.

What is/are your favorite scents to work with? Oat milk & Honey (a best seller) and Orange Patchouli ( which I recently discovered).

Thank you so much for sharing Crystal! Tropical's Tiktok & IG are great places to learn where and when Crystal has an in-person pop-up event. All her products are also available to purchase online and can be shipped right to your door!

For our guest readers, please consider joining us as subscribed members. Our spring events are right around the corner and you can expect some truly awesome content in new to you spaces!

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