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A Day in Worcester, MA

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

We love this city. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you do too. I grew up in the town over, took dance classes in Worcester as a kid, and fondly remember recitals at Hanover Theater. I have been immensely proud of this city, watching it grow and evolve over the years into a vibrant city rich with culture, art, and entertainment. Because of this, I LOVE sharing it with friends and family when they come to visit. But what if you only have ONE DAY to show off our favorite city? What do you do? We asked some of our members to share their "perfect day" in Worcester.

Gillian Murphy:

Breanna DiBella

No matter your itinerary, the Worcester day-trip will be a big hit! With so many incredible offerings in this city, we know there's more to add to these lists! What it on your list of must-see's when in the Woo? Leave a comment and let us know. :)

If you're looking for more opportunities to enjoy events, fun gatherings, and networking in the city, join YPWA Worcester! We host events in and around Worcester monthly and provide our members with exclusive presentations, activities, treats and more.

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