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Elevate your life with a membership courtesy of... your boss!

Imagine your boss footing your YPWA membership fees. You aren't dreaming. This season, we’ve seen more members reaching out for an invoice or receipt they could pass to their employer to reimburse them for YPWA’s annual fees. Believe it or not, employers and companies can and will (in many cases) pay professional membership fees for their employees!

Naturally, we’d like you all to have an approach when connecting with your employers about fee coverage, so here are our go-to tips (which you can easily apply to other professional associations, hint hint):

Start with the why, and make it personal. Focus on the value you’d like to get out of a membership with YPWA. Are you looking to build your public speaking skills? What about setting better goals or boundaries? Employers want effective employees, and sharing the experience/value you want to develop should link to the company and/or your business goals.

Jump into the what. Just keep it simple. Employers love it when you complete the research for them while keeping to the facts. Now that they know why you require a membership, they need to know:

  • Our organization

  • The cost of our dues

  • The membership benefits covered by the dues (our join page covers most of our benefits)

The last point is vital if an employer isn’t familiar with networking/ professional associations.

Make it about them. A great way to wrap up your pitch would be to offer to share regular updates on insights and information collected with your employer or your team. The more people this membership will benefit, the more likely the employer will approve it. Make sure the follow-up commitment is one you can and do commit to on a regular cadence.

What do you think? Ready to have the conversation? Please reach out to us if you have more questions about having these conversations, we'd love to help you. Also, let us know if you've had a conversation with your boss about a professional membership, we'd love to share your insights with members (and members to be).

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