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Tiana Burnett


The Alignment Auntie LLC

Ideal YPWA offices:

  •  Community Outreach & Inclusion Director

  •  Membership Director

Meet Tiana!

Tell us why you would like to serve on the YPWA Board.


As I have witnessed and participated in events recently, I’ve been able to make powerful connections, make new friends and feel both seen and supported by an inspiring group of young women in a new way. Serving on this board allows me to activate my unique skill set and more effectively impact my community alongside a dedicated team!


Summarizing the specific qualities/ experience you possess that will add to our board's effectiveness.


I take pride in my ability to activate alignment between networks, resources and community. Since completing my degree in art history and arts management in 2018 I have been making inclusive events happen, holding safe spaces for creative development, participating in entrepreneurial accelerator programs, learning community leadership and serving as a mentor for programs such as EforAll and Valley Venture Mentors’ women innovators and trailblazers program. This skill set will enhance the YPWA team by bringing a unique perspective to community engagement, a fresh look at what new partnerships could evolve into and implementation of some of my strategic systems and resources I’ve found most effective in carrying out missions.

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