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SamanthaCarr_Headshot - Samantha Carr.jpg

Samantha Carr

Digital Marketing & Program Manager

Center for Women & Enterprise

Ideal YPWA offices:

  •  Community Outreach & Inclusion Director

  •  Membership Director

Meet Samantha!

Tell us why you would like to serve on the YPWA Board.


I feel like I'm finally in a solid place in my career where I have so much experience and my network has expanded that I would love to find a meaningful way to get more involved with my local community and give back. YPWA has been on my radar for so long and I'm excited at the potential to work with a group that I believe is doing exciting and worthwhile work.


Summarizing the specific qualities/ experience you possess that will add to our board's effectiveness.


Working at the Center for Women & Enterprise’s Central MA office, we are a mighty team of two that are responsible for supporting women entrepreneurs in both Central and Western MA. We host workshops, events and offer one-on-one consultations for folks interested in starting or growing their own business. Between my colleague and I we manage an incredible advisory board, host weekly workshops and webinars and create large scale events targeted at women entrepreneurs in our region. I’ve been able to connect with empowering people in the small business community and know that I have the ability to share this network with you all. As a nonprofit at CWE we know what it’s like to manage an organization on a shoestring budget supported by a community of volunteers, and I would love to bring that same energy to YPWA. I’m the Digital Marketing Manager and am responsible for CWE’s social media. I also am responsible for our email list of ~40K contacts. I’ve built up media relations with local sources. I’ve helped plan and facilitate both large and small scale events. I believe all these skills will be easily transferred to any board position at YPWA.

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