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Cara Angeloni

City Wide of Boston, Office Manager


Ideal offices:

  • Membership Director

  • Administrative Director

Meet Cara!

Tell us why you would like to serve on the YPWA Board.


I am a new member this year, and when I was inquiring about becoming a member, I became very excited about everything I was learning about YPWA. It was also a bonus to see that it was voted Worcester’s Best Young Professional Network!


My initial experience was working with a current member to help with some troubleshooting through the website in order to make a membership payment. Throughout the entire process, I felt very comforted and welcomed and assured that we would get it sorted out one way or another. For me, this confirmed that YPWA is a strong and welcoming community that I was excited to be part of.


I have lived in Worcester for just over 5 years now and am very interested in getting involved in supporting the community of Worcester. I am currently involved with a local non-profit (E for All) as a mentor and have loved the experience. This has inspired me to seek additional opportunities to continue to impact the culture of growth and empowerment throughout the Worcester community. I would also love to continue to grow my personal network within the community.


I am looking forward to the opportunity to be involved in coordinating upcoming events and becoming part of the reason others want to join YPWA. I hope to help others feel empowered and engaged with the association and community. I would also love to use this opportunity to continue my professional growth and development of my leadership skills along with connecting with other female leaders in the community to continue to grow the association!


Summarizing the specific qualities/ experience you possess that will add to our board's effectiveness.


I am currently the Office Manager for a small, family-owned company which has provided me the opportunity to learn all facets of a business and how they successfully work together. I currently oversee our marketing, employee engagement, company trainings and development of standard operating procedures to create efficiencies throughout departments. I have a few key examples of the skills that I think would make me a good fit for a position on the board!



One of my strengths is my time management and organization. These skills have assisted me while planning employee events. We do quite a few full team events where it is important to coordinate agendas, attendance, logistics, food/menu, decorations and overall employee experience. I have managed our larger events, such as our annual holiday parties – hosted at the AC Worcester, to smaller events – team building activities hosted at our office (CW Olympics, March Madness Competition, Phone Jams). All have received great feedback from the team and helped to build our company culture.



Communication is one of the key factors to success at our company. It is one of the skills that we have put an emphasis on and I have hosted many trainings on this topic. I am a true believer in clear and concise information to get results and ensure efficiencies across the company.


I use a variety of communication techniques to effectively communicate with all members of my team. I utilize live communication for office-based team members (or when needing to communicate a difficult message), email for less urgent items and call and text to get quick answers from our field based employees.



One of the main functions of my role is managing our new employee onboarding experience. It is important to our culture that each new hire receives a warm and welcoming experience. I ensure that all their technology is set up, set their agenda for the first two weeks, create a training binder and stay in consistent communication with them to ensure all is going well. This helps maintain our culture and support employee retention.


Another important function of my role is building relationships with our vendors and building relationships with charitable partners. I have built a strong partnership with Be Like Brit (local to Worcester) and one of our recent clients – YMCA. These partnerships include communication, volunteering, sponsorships and ongoing support in anyway that our company can.


Brand Awareness

I also oversee our marketing to enhance our brand awareness. My responsibilities include: drafting monthly mass emails to send to clients and prospects, creating content and graphics for our social media platforms, creating marketing materials including brochures, and proposals and managing our SEO and google business page.

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