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Board Elections

Meet the candidates!

Below are three incredible candidates for the YPWA Board of Directors for the upcoming season.
Please read their application responses and watch their video speech.
When you are ready, click the vote button below to cast your ballot!

Voting is open from May 26th to May 31st, winners will be announced on June 6th.

For questions, contact us at

Katherine Aguilar

I am a single dog mom of 3! A CEO of an amazing company called K Sense Co, we are an eco conscious gift boutique located inside the Worcester Public Market. I am the oldest of 3, Worcester raised Salvadoreña. I am very organized, personable, and passionate. All which I strongly believe are qualities all board members should posses. I am all about Kommunity, in every aspect of my business and personal life I try to connect people to resources or different organizations to each other to create sustainable change in the City of Worcester. As someone who worked a diverse array of full time positions all of undergrad I was very much forced to be comfortable being the youngest, typically one of few women, and quite frankly a lot of times being the only person of color in the room advocating for change or impacts to be made. I have a lot of experience creating and maintaining databases and systems, have a wide variety of event planning experience, and have a diverse network of fellow business owners and change makers in worcester in my contact book. I also believe my experiences and knowledge of the city will be a great addition to YPWA.

Interested in: Community Outreach & Inclusion Director

Jennifer Zajac

Hi, I’m Jenn, I grew up in Southern Worcester County and attended high school, college and graduate school in the Worcester County area. I’ve been a member for the YPWA for the past 5 years and have made some awesome friendships and have learned a few new skills (cookie decorating :)

I’ve worked in development positions within Higher Education for the past 8 years. I currently work at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School in their Psychiatry department as a Grants & Contracts specialist where I manage grants for research faculty.

I also work for the United States Tennis Association as a Tennis in the Park Coach where I teach kids from grades K-8 in the Worcester community how to play tennis.

I think what would make me an effective board member is my ability to build relationships and to make everyone feel welcomed and like they are a part of something. Working in development and teaching kids how to play tennis, I have learned everyone puts forth their best effort when they feel like they are impacting the bigger picture. I feel having excellent communication skills would be another important trait I can bring to the board. Being able to communicate effectively in person or electronically has helped me succeed in assisting faculty in writing an NIH proposal, fundraising for a new locker room or teaching a kid how to hold a tennis racquet. I feel these skills as well as my love for post it notes and iced coffees would make me an excellent candidate for the Sponsorship Director.

Interested in: Sponsorship Director

Giselle Rivera-Flores

As an entrepreneur in the city of Worcester with a hyper focus on small businesses, creatives and the bipoc community, I am dedicated to providing quality services to expand the consumer base of these businesses and through that experience, I am a unique perspective that allows me to grow the empowerment of my people. With the position in marketing available, I am highly interested in joining the group and the board to encourage others in the bipoc community to do the same. This organization is a great resource to women and I would like to emphasize that.

Interested in: Director of Marketing/PR

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