Board Candidates

Alexis Griswold

Associate Account Manager

Pearl Meyer

I joined YPWA after completing my undergraduate degree from Clark University. I had just accepted a job in the Worcester area and was looking to meet new people. On a whim, I took my roommate’s advice and went to a YPWA event with her. This small action, which at the time I didn’t think much of, impacted my life in more ways than I ever would have imagined. I wouldn’t know my closest friends if it wasn’t for this group. Beyond the social aspect, this group has opened so many doors to volunteer opportunities in the community I wouldn’t have otherwise known of. The opportunities for personal and professional growth have positively impacted my career confidence and trajectory.
Over the last two and a half years, I have had the pleasure of attending numerous YPWA events. If given the opportunity, I would be delighted to serve on the Board to continue to further this organization. It truly has opened so many doors and been so instrumental to my own growth as a young professional in the area. I feel so strongly that this group is an integral part of the Worcester community and should continue to thrive for future young professional women.
At work, I get to have the best of both worlds: both relationship building and data work. I am responsible for data collection and report publication of numerous multi-industry salary survey reports. For the last two years, I have juggled work with being a part-time student working toward my Master of Human Resources degree, which I have now completed. Outside of work, I also have engaged in several volunteer efforts with many of the women from YPWA!
Ultimately, I am dedicated to continuing to make our organization great and worthwhile for all members! I have a strong attention to detail, great time management skills, and a good sense of humor even when things get rough. In college, I was responsible for leading numerous clubs, including managing a social media presence and acting as a liaison between the club and the administration. My past experiences, current skills and passion for YPWA would make me an excellent candidate to serve you on the Board.

Sarah Kupec

Assumption College Experiential Learning Coordinator, Grenon School of Business

Both personally and professionally, I believe that Worcester is a special place. From attending a YPWA event, to a Glazy Susan pop up, the community is welcoming. I am a transplant from New Jersey, and while that's where I grew up, Worcester is my home. I have grown in my career, have made new friends, and have been able to further my education all in the 508.

As I mentioned I attended Assumption College, where I was an Organizational Communication major and studied the patterns, systems, and networks of communication within organizations and developed the skills to effectively communicate with internal and external constituencies.

Understanding the importance of communication and having a passion for working with people has allowed me to excel throughout my career. In fundraising, client relations and now as the Experiential Learning Coordinator I have actively worked with a diverse group of clients, businesses, and organizations, ensuring that their questions and service needs are handled with exceptional diligence and grace.

This spring I graduated with my MBA, and I am ready to use the skills acquired to help the YPWA. There is a Worcester Wares that reads "Hustle and Worc." I am ready to hustle for the YPWA!

Maria Troka

A&E Realty, Co., Inc. - Real Estate Agent

I am passionate about being a woman in business in the greater Worcester Area. I take pride in knowing that I am now a part of a community with like minded females, all stemming from different cultures and backgrounds. Everything I do is with passion and excitement. I VERY rarely take on a project if I am not 100% into it. I never hold back creatively and my wheels are always turning, thinking of new ideas to stay ahead of the game. I am a team player through and through but excel in a leadership role where I am able to take the reigns and lead the way and it helps that I have no problem making important decisions in a timely manner. I love making lists and checking things off, I am organized and have a tendency to work late hours or non-stop until what I am working on is complete to my liking. I love meeting and welcoming new people into my circle, I am outgoing and can hold a conversation with anyone. I always pride myself on making people feel comfortable in any situation. I am really good at Canva. I have a pro account which I use for my business but would also want to use in either a the marketing director or event coordinator role. You can check out some of my latest Canva creations I use for my business on my Instagram (homewithmaria). I am a go-getter; from my senior year of high school to my senior year of college I completed several internships including one in New York City at Sony Records and one in Disney World. With this mindset, nothing is impossible and I carry that with me daily! I am so excited for the opportunity to be a leader within this community and grow along side all of you! I hope you see me fit for one of your open roles!

Tasmina Hydery

University of Massachusetts Medical School/Clinical Consultant Pharmacist/Assistant Professor

Hi everyone! First and foremost, I hope you are all staying well and healthy. Secondly, I am excited to run for the YPWA Worcester Board of Directors – I have been a member for nearly 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the unique events and volunteer opportunities during each of those years. One of my favorites was the nursing home “prom” night!

Like many of you, I am very passionate about my career. I have been a pharmacist for nine years and worked in academia for eight years as faculty at Boston College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and University of Massachusetts Medical School teaching nurse practitioner, pharmacy, and medical students. As a clinical consultant pharmacist, I assess new pharmaceutical agents and make recommendations on payer coverage – my job involves a lot of writing documents and presenting to clients. I love what I do since healthcare is an ever-evolving field and I learn something new every day! One of the community projects I have been involved in for the past few years is the Worcester Healthy Baby Initiative where my team of healthcare providers and medical students help provide safe sleep education and free supplies to expecting mothers who may have limited resources.

I am equally passionate about having a life outside the workplace which is part of the reason I joined YPWA Worcester. I was a newbie to the Worcester area in 2013 and quickly realized how much the city has to offer (education, health/wellness, great food, to name a few). I have enjoyed connecting and forming friendships with the diverse group of members of YPWA. I am an ideal board member because I am easygoing, a master multi-tasker, and a team player. I would be a great fit for the secretary or community outreach director position in particular because of my experience with communicating via social media/other technology and organizing/running meetings as well as following up with to-do list items. I look forward to attending future events and being creative with an empowering group of successful women.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

Graphic Designer 

Legacy Publishing Group

I’ve always been extremely passionate about volunteering as well as my design work. I was a very active student leader on my college campus serving as an Orientation leader, student ambassador, and a resident assistant for three years. I moved to Worcester after I graduated from Becker College and have been trying to find a job where I can express myself creatively and also help out this city that I’ve loved so much over the last 5 years.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts, Match Advocate

I am interested in a few of the open positions on the board. I feel so though I am an extremely strong relationship builder. It is important to me to build one on one relationships with my peers, stakeholders, and everyone I come into contact with for the betterment of any project I am working on. This would be an important skill in any of the roles on the board to maintain strong working relationships with other board members, recruiting and retaining members, as well as working with outside constituents to create partnerships and events. I enjoy understanding people and their missions and visions in a way that makes me extremely collaborative and open to other people's ideas. I pride myself on being a mediator in team and leadership situations and working to help people understand one another and work as a team in an efficient way that is positive for all.

Breanna DiBella

Studio DiBella 

Owner, Designer & Creative Director

As a business owner and Creative Director I’m very organized, have an eye for detail and am always creating new design work. I’m comfortable managing many projects, people and deadlines at once, while keeping spirits high and motivated. I’ve planned and facilitated small corporate events and a 120-person conference in Boston’s Seaport which celebrated female entrepreneurs in the health-tech field. For that event, through old fashioned networking and outreach, I recruited 30 sought after industry speakers and 10 student volunteers to participate, which was over 3 times the amount of participation from the year prior. I’m experienced with a number of project management and creative tools such as G-Suite, Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative Suite, and web based tools like Mailchimp, Eventbrite, SquareSpace, Wix, Brizy, TypeForm, Calendly and Doodle. As a self-employed person, I’m flexible and available to be responsive on YPWA social channels throughout the day, keeping member engagement high. I’m eager to lend my design, social media and event planning skills to this organization, which I’ve enjoyed being a part of for the past two years. For all these reasons, I am uniquely qualified for the Marketing Director position.

Kay Sears


Thrive Realtors

I am insanely driven, I thrive on purpose and collaboration. My absolute favorite thing to do is to plan events from start to finish. Seeing people have fun, let loose, and enjoy connecting with others it the best reward.

Julia McGuinn

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sachs Jewlers

I have been a member of the YPWA for several years so I am friendly and familiar with many members which gives me an advantage on engaging with them. I am also very familiar with the format of events and which style events the group has historically most enjoyed. I have many personal and professional skills that will help me contribute to the group and enrich the member experience. I am imaginative and open-minded. I enjoy living in the moment and soaking in the sentiment of the present, then connecting those feelings to benefit the big picture. I have strong people skills and truthfully enjoy engaging in conversation with a variety of people not just those in my own social circle. I have excellent communication skills, and I am friendly, approachable, empathetic and get along with just about anyone. I would make it a point to individually interact with as many members as possible to enrich their own personal experience of the group. I am especially savvy in social media, communications, networking, and marketing. I can create ads in the appropriate dimensions for various social platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Through my professional experience at Sachs Jewelers I have cross promoted with many local businesses and organizations and have formed strong interpersonal skills which I believe will help the YPWA with future programming and securing sponsor partnerships and in-kind donations. I am perfectly comfortable in seeking out donations from community businesses. I feel my skill set would be best utilized in the roles of Marketing Director, Community Outreach Director, Sponsorship Director, or Event Coordinator. The YPWA has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors. Thank you!

Emily Romsky
Kaylah Wicks