Fall 2020

Our holiday gift drive may be over, but you can still get involved!  Contact LIFT (links above) to find out how you can provide support.  Please remember, support can be volunteering your time, sharing their information on social media, attending events, and donating money or frequently requested items. 

LIFT runs Jana's Place, the first-of-its-kind recovery home for survivors of CSE who have co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse disorders.

LIFT's Drop-in-Center is a safe space for people who are actively engaged CSE to access needed support and services.  


This November, we are proud to partner with Living in Freedom Together (LIFT), an organization dedicated to empower and elevating survivors.  They are a survivor-led organization working to end prostitution and empower individuals to exit and recover from the impacts of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). They raise community awareness through their advocacy work, and provide direct services, support, and resources to individuals through community outreach services. 

Show LIFT some love!  All of their links can be found here:

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