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Kickoff Keynote 2019
Kimberley Bell

We long to feel empowered and happy in our lives, yet so often don’t. The journey to sustained fulfillment, even joy, can seem long and indiscernible. Life Coach and Author, Kimberley Bell has shared 11 guiding principles in her book “Empowering YOU!” that offer insight and actionable practices to channel your personal power.

This mother of three has navigated change and challenge for most of her life–from losing her mother at the age of 12, to divorcing after 21 years of marriage, and searching nearly seven years for a cure for her daughter’s neurological and immune dysfunction. Through it all, she gained a deep understanding of how to create an empowered life: one that’s anchored in peace, truth and authentic strength. She is passionate about sharing the tools and approaches that assisted her and is fully committed to helping others find their way forward.

In addition to her personal experiences, she’s received certifications in Strategic Intervention Coaching from Robbins-Madanes Training for both core levels 100 and 200, as well as Couples Advanced Relationship Coach Training from the Strategic Intervention Center in San Diego. She has also completed Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Level 1 and 2 master classes. Drawing on this formal training and her spiritual nature, Kimberley creates a safe environment where clients become aware of their internal blocks and use their innate resources to realize their opportunity for a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life.

Kimberley is also a motivational speaker and the podcast host/creator of YOU Are Good Enough! Her greatest joy is helping people move forward in authentic truth, happiness and joy! She is honored to be part of her clients’ transformations.


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