UMASS Cancer Walk & Run!


September 19th, 2021

YPWA is participating in the UMASS Cancer Walk and Run for the second year in a row!  YPWA members are made up of different interests, backgrounds and experiences.  That's what makes our members so amazing!  When the members of YPWA come together, we do BIG things!  Together, let's work to create new fundraising records, spread the word, and come together.


Unfortunately, the reality is, regardless of your background and interests, cancer affects us all in some way.  More than likely, we each have someone in our lives and networks, who has been impacted by cancer.  So together, as YPWA, and with support of our friends and family, lets combine forces and work to raise more money for cancer research and clinical trials at UMass Medical School than we ever could alone!


Want to help?


You can support the effort by making a donation to our team. The process is fast, easy, and secure... and you can be sure that it will make a BIG impact for a great cause!


You can also join the squad! Register to join our team and help us achieve our goals.  This is not just for YPWA members!  Encourage your family and friends to join our team and together we can work to put an end to cancer.  Join our team page here!

Check out the UMass Cancer Walk social media links here!  Let's spread the YPWA love with a like, share, and follow!