Virtual - All Month Long

YPWA Loves Worcester: Spring Selfie Challenge 2021

1. Register for the event to receive a YPWA sticker to take with you on your adventures

2. Check out the list of prompts to fill out your Bingo sheet.

3. Take a selfie to complete each square (can also be a photo of your YPWA sticker or other swag)

4. Share your selfie in our Google Slides presentation.

5. Repeat until you get 5 squares in a row, then be entered to win a prize from our challenge finishers! For those who are feeling extra enthusiastic, fill up your whole board! There may be an extra opportunity to win a prize on April 28th!

6. Join us to celebrate and share the amazing ways we explored our community this month at our After the Hunt Happy Hour on April 28th!  Please register here.