2020-2021 News

A Year Like No Other

Letter from Madam President, Myshele
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In 2011, as I began my professional career IT, I was also given the opportunity to join a brand-new Non-Profit organization that we know and love today as the YPWA. Throughout that very first season, I met young women from all different industries, learned new life skills and the group ultimately opened my eyes to a new professional world I had yet to see.


For the past 10 years I have been an on again off again member and honored that for the past 2 years I was able to serve as Secretary and this year as President. As I reflect on the most recent seasons, I cannot help but get filled with conflicting emotions. I smile remembering the good times we have shared, the bread we broke together and all the cheers over beers! But I cannot forget challenges we have faced together throughout this pandemic. Our members, new and old, came together in new ways as we continued to fulfil our mission of supporting our community, empowering all women, and making our community a better place to live.


At the end of the day, I cherish each and every one of these moments as every single one has taught me a little something new. We became stronger individuals together and have built relationships that will surely last a lifetime.


As I disembark this journey being on the board, a new door is opened for me as I prepare to be a mother this coming September. I will certainly be signing up next season and hoping to gain new friendships with the YPWA as well as getting some motherly advice!


Thank you all for sticking with us and making this season one we will never forget!


Letter from Madam Vice President, Viviana


The mission of the Young Professional Women’s’ Association is to engage and empower professional women to improve ourselves and our community, and it makes me incredibly proud to be part of a network that embraced that mission, especially during a fragile and unpredictable season. This season specifically was a testament to why I have been a proud member of the group for over 4 years. 


Our members come from so many different backgrounds, all shaped by the unique paths that they faced to get to where they are today. This network brings together a vast variety of industries including education, medicine, information technology, engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, community giving, construction, and many more industries that women in history have worked tirelessly to have a seat at. This diverse set of women proves that the word professional is not defined by the clothes you wear, but instead the hard work and attitude you bring to your workplace. This was truly a year of learning and educating one another on inclusivity and togetherness, social and racial injustices, and mental health awareness. It was incredible to see the passion that YPWA members have for these important causes, sharing resources and using their voice to make a positive impact for our community. I want to give a special thanks to such a great board that continues to step up to huge challenges, not shutting down with the world but providing an opportunity for solace through unique zoom networking events. I am never-endingly inspired by these women who are so creative and supportive of one another. Seeing them excel at motherhood, the excitement of engagements, new career opportunities, and increased community involvement, all the while facing unique hardships and handling life as best as humanly possible, makes me so proud.


I am incredibly thankful for my invaluable experience on the board as Treasurer and Vice President of the YPWA over the past 2 years and as we pass the torch to the new board, I am excited to see what the 2021-2022 season brings!

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